Anton Walter, who had the title of "Chamber Organ Builder and Instrument Maker" in Vienna, is considered to be the most famous fortepiano maker of his time.  He improved the so called "Viennese pianoforte action", which became a standard for many years.  He built about 700 instruments, which were praised for their quality by both Beethoven and Mozart, who urchased a Walter instrument around 1782. According to Mozart's son Carl: "Most remarkable is the wing-shaped Pianoforte for which my father had a special preference to such a degree that he not only wanted to have it in his study all the time, but exclusively used this and no other instrument in all his concerts, regardless of whether they took place in court, in the palaces of noblemen or in theatres or other public places"

Anton Walter was born near Stuttgart and became active in Vienna in 1778.  When in 1800 his stepson joined the company, the firm name was changed from "Anton Walter" to "Anton Walter and Son", the keyboard compass increased, but the basic construction and sound of the instruments stayed the same.

Fortepianos used for this project are made by Paul McNulty, who is one of the most highly respected builders working today. His pianos are owned by many fine players and feature in many recordings. The instruments modelled after the instruments of A.Walter (1752 - 1826) and are the result of his long research of the originals, and particularly one ca.1792 Walter instrument which builder had on restoration in his workshop.

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